Yeavering Bell

Start and Finish

Kirknewton, 5 miles West of Wooler on the B6351. Park next to the church in the village


A walk of approximately 6 miles across farmland and the Eastern fringes of the Cheviot Hills, taking in a waterfall and the twin tops of Yeavering Bell. Easy to follow throughout with wildlife to watch out for and plenty of sheep too.

The Walk

From the churchyard gate, turn right up the road and turn left down another minor road passing West Kirknewton Farm Cottage before turning right. This road soon turns into a grassy track after veering to the right. Keep on the easy to follow track as it skirts to the left of Kirknewton House.

Kirknewton village






Keep on this broad track, passing through 3 gates as you go and also a derelict cottage and enter College Burn valley.
After veering left, still on the track, a fork appears. The wooden sign says 'Permissive Path' and points to the right. Take this fork and cross over a wall stile, ignoring the yellow arrow pointing left.

Cross the field in a similar direction as you approached the wall and you see a gate in the opposite wall. Head towards this gate, and go through it when reaching it.

The path is rather vague here, but once again, keep in the same rough direction until reaching a wire fence and follow this up and then right until eventually reaching a stile.

The stile also has a 'St. Cuthberts Way' sign on it. Go over the stile and follow the path to a junction of paths, take the right path and follow it down, soon reaching the waterfall of Hethpool Linn.

Retrace your steps to the stile next to the wire fence and take the path leading diagonally across the field, passing a sheep enclosure on the way. Join the track, and pass through two gates before passing to the right of Torleehouse.

Keep on the track until just before the second cattle grid. Here, turn right at the way-marker and after 80 yards or so, go through a gate which leads to a grassy path up to a wall stile. Go over the wall stile and admire Yeavering Bell immediately in front of you.

Once over the stile, turn right and proceed up the grass track until you come to a crossroad signpost signaling Yeavering Bell to the left. Take this path and proceed to the summit of Yeavering Bell.

Looking backWhich way now?

After admiring the views all around, including the North Sea to the East, move to the Northern side of the peak and look for the marker posts which designate the descent route. Follow the posts as they descend diagonally to a gate/stile.

Go over or through and move to the next gate on the right. Once again, go over the wall stile and follow the marker posts down to the wall stile just before the hamlet of Old Yeavering.

Proceed to join the road and turn left and walk the last few hundred yards back into Kirknewton.


Hxxley Marie and Darwin