Windy Ghyll

Start and Finish

Wedder's Leap car-park, just before Barrowburn, Northumberland


A 9 mile walk along forest paths, open fell and boggy section crossing numerous stiles and gates. Great scenery and a chance to visit Scotland too. This walk also walks along the Pennine Way for part of the route.

The Walk

Leave the car park and turn left. There is a footbridge on the right, cross this and the couple of stiles immediately after the bridge and proceed along to the right of some Pine conifer trees.
Cross the next stile in the corner of this field and turn left, follow the path to the right of an old stone wall, shortly passing Windyhaugh Schoolhouse which is on the left. The path now joins a track coming from the left, follow the track right as it rises up the hillside.


Looking back towards Barrowburn#



You can see the track leading to some conifers further ahead. You come across a stile just before the plantation, cross this and enter. Keep following the path as it goes down and bends to the right-some coming across a deserted cottage to the right - Fairhaugh.. Stay on the left of the Ushway Burn and follow the path as it goes back up through the conifers again. At the top of this steep section, turn to the right and follow the path as it leaves the plantation. Cross the stile and walk approx. 40 yards. The path now splits, take the right fork and follow this quite narrow, but still obvious path as it cross the hill side. To the right, on the other side of the stream, is the Border County Ride track.

Cross over the stile and proceed straight ahead to a crossroads of paths, a four finger signpost marks this spot. To the right is Ushwayford, which is our next destination. Follow the farm track as it leads to the farm at Ushwayford, after passing to the left of a large barn, the path descends a little and veers to the right approaching the farmhouse, we branch off here and turn left to go over the small footbridge which can be seen a few yards away.

Junction of paths before Ushwayford Davidson's Linn

Once over the footbridge, cross the stile on the left and follow the small path as it clings to the hillside. Eventually the path drops to cross the stream, a nice place to stop and eat and maybe watch the brown trout in the water. After the sandwiches have gone, folow the path up the quite steep slope to come across a stile. Cross this stile and enter a plantation, shortly coming across a signpost, go left heading for Salters Road West. Follow the obvious path round and down to Davidson's Linn and enjoy the delights of the waterfall. Once across the stream, go up the steep slope and re-enter the plantation and follow the path as it goes through the conifers. This section can be a little boggy. Soon, you come to a forest track but the path continues obviously straight ahead and again into the plantation. After approx. 100 yards, you leave the plantation via a stile and come onto the open fell.


Proceed straight ahead through a couple of stiles until you come to a track, with a signpost for Clennel Street, go right and head upwards towards the Pennine Way and the Scottish border. Soon you arrive at Hexpethgate and a four finger signpost marking the Pennine Way. After pausing to admire the views, and maybe stepping into Scotland too, turn left and follow the Pennine Way up to Windy Ghyll.

Windy Ghyll

There are fantastic views to be seen from here, in all directions and a good view North can be enjoyed from the shelter near the trig point on the summit.

Come back through the gate and go straight ahead as the path drops steeply towards Trows. Follow the marker posts down to Trows and cross the ford, or the footbridge, and follow the road down to Rowhope.

Keep following the road as it runs alongside the Coquet and eventually back to Barrowburn, and just past the village of Barrowburn is the car park of Wedder's Leap.