Wolsingham-Tunstall Reservoir

Start and Finish

Demesne Picnic area, Wolsingham. Grid Reference NZ075376.


A linear walk with a circuit of Tunstall Reservoir in the middle. WARNING - Sheep are almost always encountered on this walk and it also includes a section of road walking, this road is relatively quiet but it has no path.

The Walk

Leave the car-park and take the path off to the right which will lead to the kissing gate below.

Follow the obvious path through the meadows, keeping the river on your right until you come to a small wooden bridge over a stream, cross this and immediately you come to a kissing gate again. Go through this and turn right, this leads to the wooden bridge below.

Cross over the bridge and follow the path through another field. Go through the kissing gate-the path splits, turn immediately left, with the hedge now on your left, and follow the path up through the fields. Keep going until you get to the wall pictured below, Go through and turn immediately right.

Turn right here

The path goes up a slight hill now, simply follow it, it descends almost immediately and crosses a small stream. It then crosses a minor road (using 2 kissing gates) and then goes to the left of a caravan park. Keep on this path, it goes under some trees and then drops down where it meets the minor road to Tunstall Reservoir. Join the road and walk the 3/4 mile or so until you get to Tunstall Reservoir.

Go along the dam, best place to stop for something to eat due to the abundance of seats along here, and follow the road up and around the hill. Take the left path into the wood and follow the path through the woodland with the reservoir on your left. This can get very muddy! Once out of the wood, turn left and cross over the Northern end of the reservoir using the bridge pictured below

Take the kissing gate to the left, and follow the path along the shore of the reservoir, rejoining the road shortly. You can continue back by the side of the water at the car-park if you prefer. Shortly afterwards, you are back at the dam end of the reservoir. It is now a matter of retracing your steps back down to the car-park.