Thrunton Woods


Start and Finish

The car park at the picnic area, grid reference 08050909, off the A697 between Longframlington and Powburn. Best map : Landranger 81 Alnwick/Morpeth


Red Walk: 9 miles - colour coded with red markers

The Walk

You start off on the road from the picnic site, go onto forest roads, then onto forest paths and eventually come back onto a forest road which leads back onto the same forest road you started off from.
There is one stile half way through and two kissing gates after that.
The going can be very muddy depending on what time of year and how much rain there has been recently, so stout boots or shoes are required. When you get to the obvious ridge, (marked as long crag on the map) you have a choice of climbing up and walking along the top, very safe to do so, or walking back along its base. The whole way is sign posted with a red marker post so it is not possible to get lost. There are no sheep or cattle to be seen at any stage of the walk, although you may be lucky and see some deer.

Do not look for Calally Castle, it is no longer there, it has now been transformed into expensive flats !!!

There is a cairn half way round, with good views north to the Cheviot, a good place to stop for a drink, after that there are two places where there is an opportunity for your dog to have a drink from a stream.