Teesdale Way

Start and Finish

Anywhere in Barnard Castle, the walk primarily starts from near the Post Office but it is so easy to get to the river that anywhere will do really.


A walk along the banks of the River Tees, going through woodland and pasture land. A lot of stiles are encountered on this walk, some of them quite tricky to negotiate, if your dog is fit enough-these should not present any real problem.
The walk basically goes up the Northern bank of the river and returns along the Southern bank, keep the river to the left and you can't fail.

The Walk

Take the path along the right bank of the river and simply follow it all the way until you come to a field (see photo below). Enter the field but keep alongside the wall and in approximately 100 yards, there is an exit on the right which leads up through bracken to some fields.
Once in the field, turn left and go through 3 successive stiles, past the farm of East Holme House.

Another couple of stiles leads you to a dip, where you cross a stream immediately before going through West Holme House, another farm. Keep on the obvious path down and crossing a small stream over a footbridge and after going through a gap in the wall, follow the path along the edge of fields.

After 2 more stiles, the path cuts down through the woodland to the left into a meadow alongside the River Tees. Cross the river by means of the bridge and turn left to cross the River Balder, again by a bridge.

After leaving the wood on the outward part Meadow before crossing the Tees

Take the path which is opposite the bridge going up the embankment. Take the clear path for the return leg to Barnard Castle. After passing Cooper House, proceed along the edge of fields crossing stiles as necessary. At a gate later on, there is an arrow pointing right, go right before going through the gate and then turn left to skirt to the right of Towler Hill farm. After going past the farm, leave the by the stile to the left and go back into the mixture of woodland and pastureland, entering Pecknell Wood.

The bridge which crosses the Tees The castle

Simply now, follow the path back along the right bank of the Tees until it leads you to the road but only for a few yards before crossing the Tees again by means of the bridge. Retrace your steps back to your car.