Blanchland Circuit


Start and Finish

Blanchland. The car-park situated at the end of the village, grid reference NY 964505.


A short walk of approximately 3 miles, along the banks of the River Derwent and finally along a bridleway back into the village.

Looking down into Blanchland village

The Walk

Leave the car-park and walk back down the village. Turn right after the last cottages on the right, just before the bridge and cross the small footbridge and follow the path along the northern bank of the river. This crosses two ladder stiles and eventually reaches the road next to the bridge at Baybridge. Once the road is reached, turn left crossing the bridge, walk up the road for a short distance and re-enter the woodland on the left on a footpath. This path follow the course of the River Derwent back downstream. Proceed down this obvious, and only, path until a gate is reached. Go through this and walk past a few cottages back to the road into Blanchland.

Cross over the bridge and turn right, past the public toilets and join the path going downstream on the Northern bank of the river. Follow this path, which can be a little overgrown in Summer, past the Blanchland Treatment Works on your left and simply follow the path until a junction of paths is reached. The choices are Carricks Picnic Site (ahead) and Blanchland (left) on the bridleway. The latter is the path to take, which leads to the left of Bog Wood and turns left to join the Hexham - Blanchland road. Once the road is reached, turn left and re-enter the village. At the cross-roads, turn right to get back to the car-park.